The foundations of the brand were laid in 2002 with handmade sink and bathroom cabinet manufacturing in a small workshop.

In 2012, professionals from different sectors came together and decided to make investment for the brand.

In fabricated manufacturing process, integration of high technology manufacturing and handmade manufacturing systems in a closed area of 7000 m2 is considered to be basis.

Use of entirely natural materials in all products manufactured with an understanding considering people and nature as the basis carries great significance for the brand.

Natural wooden veneer is used in bathroom furniture, and precious stones brought from different locations of the world are used in sinks.

“Exclusive” bathroom cabinets and washbasins are manufactured both for domestic and foreign markets under Bagnotti brand.

Works in line with the fashion of today and shaped being inspired from old classical products are designed by Italian and Turkish designers.

Our objective is to present the precious gifts of nature for your service preserving their most natural form.